NGF Call Sign and ADS-B Out Instructions

The first article provides instructions on call sign usage effective January 1, 2015. A sample flight plan is also included.

*Remember, you can call the AFW office to obtain your unique NGF call sign OR look under Account Settings in AFIDS OR in the mission itineraries.

Programmable ADS-B units give you the ability to enter a call sign so that what ATC sees matches your radio calls. If you're interested in more information about how to enter a call sign into your programmable ADS-B, please have a look at this article in Avionics News: 

We have included an important clarification (see below) by the FAA regarding the Angel Flight (NGF) call sign number while operating ADS-B out equipment in compliance with the FAA Security Agreement when flying on behalf of Angel Flight West.

FAA Explanation for FAR 91.227 [ADS-B transponders required to broadcast same aircraft ID as on flight plan] – 11.29.2017

“Pilots authorized by Air Charity Network to file as ‘NGF’ designator [call sign]; who are operating ADS-B Out equipped aircraft still fit within the parameters of FAA and ICAO authorization for use of the ‘NGF’ three letter designator and assigned ‘ANGEL FLIGHT’ telephony, and they are still in compliance with the signed FAA Security Agreement dated 10/27/2015; therefore, such pilots are still authorized to use the NGF call sign when filing and in radio transmissions with ATC. Our office [FAA System Operations Security Strategic Operations Security Group; Data Protection] concurs with the suggestion…for NGF pilots to include both their NGF call sign and their N-number in the remarks section of the flight plan. Please file as NGF in the aircraft ID field (and then in the remarks data field include both the full NGF call sign and the aircraft registration or ‘N’ number). There may be a need for FAA to re-examine either the authorization for use of NGF/ANGEL FLIGHT or the FAA Security Agreement as the ADS-B Out equipage mandate of 1/1/2020 gets closer; if that does occur, our office will contact you.”

AFW Pilot-to-Pilot Explanation for use of ‘NGF’ number – 1.2.2018

If the N number in the ADS-B Out equipment CAN be changed by the pilot, it should be changed to NGF#### [the ‘NGF’ number assigned to you by an ACN organization[1]; such as Angel Flight West] when flying the leg with the AFW passenger onboard. The pilot is authorized to use the NGF call sign and ANGEL FLIGHT telephony during radio transmissions. On the leg WITHOUT the AFW passenger, the call sign should be changed back to the aircrafts N number.

If the N number in the ADS-B Out equipment CANNOT be changed by the pilot, then the pilot cannot use the NGF call sign and must use the N number.


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