Can I Request Routing Changes?

Pilots are encouraged to contact the AFW Coordination Team if they have a routing change request. The airports listed in the request– origin, handoff, or destination – are often flexible.

Passengers are sometimes able to accommodate an alternate origin or destination airport. A passenger’s ability to accommodate airport changes depends on whether they have access to ground transportation, distance, and if their car is parked at a certain airport that they need to return to. If a passenger is unable to accommodate a change, AFW can sometimes assist by ordering an Uber or Lyft for the passenger. This is done on a case-by-case basis as these funds are limited.

A passenger’s home airport is typically chosen based off the closest airport to the passenger’s home zip code. Runway length, surface, quality, as well as commercial traffic, are all taken into consideration when selecting an airport. Sometimes a passenger may prefer an airport that is not closest to his home for a variety of reasons (e.g. they will be staying with a friend, they will be coming directly from work, etc.). Similarly, a passenger’s destination airport is typically chosen based off the closest airport to the passenger’s treatment facility or lodging. There are sometimes exceptions to this as well.

Changes in handoff airports for 2 or 3 leg relays do not affect the passenger. If you would like to request an alternate handoff airport you may do so by contacting the AFW office or discussing the change directly with the linking pilot if he or she is already assigned. These changes are most often able to be accommodated.

AFW encourages pilots to reach out if they see a mission they would like to fly, but are hesitating to sign up due to the routing. Changes can often be accommodated, and sometimes this type of a request could determine whether the passenger gets a flight or not.

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