I get an error message "CSRF Attack Detected"

When you submit a form in VPOIDS, you may see an error, "CSRF Attack Detected." This is a security precaution utilized by the system to prevent spam and other malicious attacks on the system.

You will typically see this when you have started filling out a form, leave it, and then come back to the form a significant amount of time later to submit it. You may also see the error when you use the back button to go back to a previous page in a multi-page form.

The solution is to reload the form, which unfortunately means filling it out again. This is a necessary security precaution.

More detail: When you load a form, the system creates a security token for you specific submission of the form. That token is automatically submitted along with your data to ensure that the data is part of a legitimate submission. The token has a timestamp and an expiration. Without the expiration, a hacker could get a token and use it for creating any number of future form submissions used to send spam or malicious data.

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