How do I renew my status as an AFW volunteer?

The volunteer renewal must be completed every year to keep your account active. An important part of the renewal process is the affirmation, which is collected and stored digitally. Because of the digital affirmation, we are not able to manually renew your account.


1. To complete the volunteer renewal, log in to the volunteer portal:


2. Click on "Volunteer Renewal" under "Profile" on the lefthand side:


Screenshot 2024-05-17 143923.png


3. Please complete all sections including availability and pilot preferences. If you are "Command Pilot Retired" you can place a "0" in the pilot preferences fields.


4. Please complete the affirmation, checking all boxes. If you are not a Command Pilot, by checking the boxes, you are affirming that you will not act as a Command Pilot. If you do not plan on serving as an Earth Angel, you are still affirming that you will not act as an Earth Angel unless you meet the criteria. 


5. Hit submit (you may need to wait a minute for it to load). If it does not submit, please scroll up to see if there are any uncompleted fields (in red). 


6. If you run into any issues, please reach out to us at




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