Go the Extra Mile: Assist Passengers with Ground Transportation

Extend your support beyond the skies and into the last mile of a patient's journey - ground transportation. Below are various ways that you can contribute to the organizations success and the passengers experience by acting as an Earth Angel: 

  • Cost efficiency for the organization: By actively participating in ground transportation, you contribute to reducing our Lyft costs. This allows us to allocate more of our passenger assistance fund on providing commercial back up flights, especially during challenging weather conditions or last-minute mechanicals.
  • Earth Angel Missions: Get credit for more mission legs! By extending your support to ground transportation, you open the door to getting credit for additional Earth Angel mission legs.
  • Easing passenger anxiety: Many patients express concerns about the last mile of their journey, specifically reaching their appointments. Many of our passengers are not familiar with Lyft and find it challenging to navigate a new platform, particularly during a stressful event such as getting to chemotherapy. Your assistance in ground transportation alleviates these worries, allowing patients to focus soley on their medical appointments.
  • Seamless Experience: Removing the middle man in the transportation process creates a more seamless experience for everyone involved. Your direct involvement bridges the gap between air and ground travel, providing patients with the most positive experience during an often stressful time.
  • Utilize FBO crew car: Take advantage of the available resources at the FBO by using the crew car to complete Earth Angel missions. Some FBOs will even try to reserve the crew car for you if you let them know you are coming in on an Angel Flight mission. This also gives you the opportunity to explore a new town or try a new restaurant while serving others! 

Thank you for all that you do to support our passengers. We look forward to seeing more command pilots go the extra mile! 

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