Beta Version of the Available Missions List

Thanks for checking out this article in preparation to test the beta version of the Available Missions List on the Volunteer Portal website.

New Feature to Test

Toggle for Mission-focused and Itinerary-focused views

The user has the option to toggle between a mission view and an itinerary view for each trip request on the Available Mission List. The default view when the user accesses this list is the mission view. This will help keep the display list more manageable.

  • If you strongly prefer just to focus on the mission, then keep the default view.
  • If you are curious about the other linking mission of the trip request, then you can toggle to the itinerary view and toggle back to the mission view.

Your Feedback

Here's what we're interested in learning from your user experience.

  1. Is the hybridized version easier to use than the current version on the website?
  2. Would you prefer to use the hybridized version over the current version?
  3. Are there any issues in using the hybridized version?

Accessing the Beta Version

  1. Log onto the Volunteer Portal.
  2. Navigate to the side menu and click on .

Using the Beta Version

  • This list uses live mission data and you can request missions as you normally would.
  • You can interact with any feature on this list, including the filter settings, the different view tabs, the pagination, etc.

You can still access the Current Version

You can still use the current Available Missions List on the Volunteer Portal website by navigating over to the side menu and clicking on

Here's what the side menu looks like:


Sharing your Feedback

  • You can share as many times as you need.
  • You can share your feedback with us at this link.
  • You can also share your feedback on the Volunteer Portal website.

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