New Volunteer Portal

To best utilize the volunteer portal, we strongly recommend that you update your pilot preferences and availability details.

You can...

  • View and request available missions
  • View itinerary of assigned missions
  • File mission report for completed missions
  • Complete volunteer renewal
  • Update volunteer information

Landing page

Best Missions For You (currently available to pilots only)

The landing page or home page displays your top six mission matches.

  • Selecting the "heart" icon will save this mission to your short list. Your short list is available on the Available Missions page for further consideration.
  • Rating the mission leg on the 1-5 "star" scale will help enhance the recommendations in the future.

If you have completed your pilot preferences, then the mission match percentage will be based on how well the mission opportunity matches your preferences and efficiency from your home base airport.

  • Make sure to complete your maximum total passenger, weight, and distance. Total distance refers to the total round-trip distance.

If you haven't completed your pilot preferences, then the mission match percentage is based solely on efficiency from your home base airport. An efficiency of 100% indicates that either the origin or destination airport in the routing is your home base airport.

If you don't see any missions in this feed, then perhaps try adjusting your pilot preferences. Often times, increasing the Total Trip Distance helps bring up more mission opportunities. Remember, the Total Trip Distance is your mileage measure from the time you are wheels-up from your home base airport, complete the mission with the passenger on-board your aircraft, and the time you are wheels-down at your home base airport.

Mission Photo Widget

This widget displays missions from your recent missions, from volunteers at your home base airport or wing, from volunteers who fly the same or similar aircraft as you, and volunteers from other Wings.

Other Widgets

We've expanded our widget options to help personalize and enhance your volunteer experience. Click here to learn more!

Navigation Menu

Filter Interface on Available Missions

You can apply one or multiple filters to the Available Missions list.

Here's a closer look at the filter options.


Different Mission Available views

You can select from various views that will filter mission opportunities through certain criteria. *In order to reduce the number of "poor-fit" missions, we highly recommend you to complete your pilot preferences and availability details. We can further filter mission opportunities by excluding those that don't meet your passenger, distance, and weight preferences.

  • Selecting "Near Me" will display missions that are (1) geographically close to your homebase airport and (2) meet your pilot preferences. If you live in an area that has multiple airports in close proximity, or you live near a state line, then the "Near Me" tab should bring up those options for your consideration.
  • Selecting "Wing" will display missions that have an origin or destination in your wing.
  • Selecting "Homebase" will display missions that are originating or departing from your homebase airport.
  • Selecting "My Short List" will display your saved missions. Example: As you scroll through the list of open missions, you can save the ones that you're considering to your short list for a final decision.
  • Selecting "Earth Angel Trips" will display open ground missions for those interested in driving opportunities.
  • Selecting "All" will display all open missions.

You can also sort the mission list by date. 


Mission opportunities are presented in the context of the itinerary that shows all connecting missions for the trip request, such as the outbound flight to treatment and the return flight back home.

Outbound and Return Missions

Each itinerary will show both the outbound flight to treatment and the return flight back home. If the outbound flight date has already passed, then the itinerary will only show the return flight details.

Mission Details

Each mission will provide details about the date, flight time, routing, leg type (air or ground), and distance.

Weight & Balance Details

Weight and balance details are found in the upper right hand corner of each itinerary.

Clicking on the link will bring up a modal dialog box that breaks down the passenger, baggage, and medical equipment details. You will need to close the box in order to return to the itinerary.

Passenger Details

Other passenger or mission related details are found at the top of the itinerary, such as passenger name and age, total mission weight, passenger illness, and reason for travel.

Volunteer Discussion Platform

You can view or participate on the discussion platform for the itinerary. You can view comments made by other volunteers interested in or already assigned to a portion of the itinerary. Coordinators also review and comment in this platform as well. You can make your own comments if you have any questions or offers related to the itinerary.

Clicking on the link at the top upper right hand corner will open up a modal dialog box. You will need to close the box in order to return to the itinerary.

Rating a Leg

You can rate how well a leg matches what you're looking for in a mission. This is done by clicking on the information icon and rating the leg from one to five stars. One star indicates a poor fit and five stars indicate an excellent fit.

Requesting a Mission

You can request a mission leg by clicking on the "Request" button. This will take you to a Mission Detail page where you can...

  • review the mission details once more;
  • review and agree to the affirmation;
  • select your origin and destination FBOs;
  • select your aircraft that will be used for the mission;
  • indicate if you want back-up assistance;
  • indicate if you want to be matched to Mission Assistants in your area;
  • provide additional comments to the coordination team

Other Actions

You can explore "Other Actions" if you want to save a particular mission leg to your Short List. Your Short List is a collection of missions that you are considering to fly or drive.

Messages and Notifications

Routine reminders, communications, and transactional messages are consolidated in your volunteer portal. 

Messages are used to communicate and host conversational transactions between the volunteer and the staff. For example, any communication that you have with another volunteer or coordinator on a mission will likely show up here.


Notifications are used to communicate messages, call-to-actions, or reminders that are time-sensitive or urgent. For example, you might receive notifications about submitting your volunteer renewal or fulfilling a short-notice mission request.


Earth Angel

If you're an Earth Angel, make sure to check out this article to learn more about how to find and review ground mission opportunities.

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