Using the Quick Login Feature

In order to use the Quick Login feature, you must have (1) your username and (2) a mobile number associated with your Angel Flight West account.


  • The one-time code is only valid for 30 minutes. You may need to request another one-time code if your code expires.
  • Your one-time code may only be used once. You may need to request another one-time code if you've already used your code to log into the Angel Flight West portal.
  • Please take care to enter your one-time code exactly as it appears in your text.


1. On the login page, please select Get a Quick Login code

2. Enter your username. If you don't remember your username, you can use the Forgot your username? link to retrieve it. If you prefer to reset your password instead of moving forward with a Quick Login, you can use the Reset your password link to request a password reset email.

3. You should receive a text containing your six-character one-time on the mobile phone number listed in your Angel Flight West account. 


4. Enter the pass code, and you should have access to the Angel Flight West portal until you log out.



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