Standard Operating Procedure for Communication with Earth Angels

If you are participating on a ground mission as an Earth Angel, please follow these procedures to best prepare for the upcoming mission as well as day-of mission communication. The standard operating procedure is for Earth Angels to reach out to both the volunteer pilot and the passengers to confirm time and location for ground transportation. Contact information for both parties will be listed in the mission itinerary emails or on the mobile app. You can also review the same information on VPOIDS.

Once assigned to a mission, Earth Angels should plan to reach out to their passenger and volunteer pilot to introduce themselves and share information on what to expect for the drive.

If you are a Command Pilot and have not heard from your Earth Angel, please reach out to him/her.

This is an example of a mission that has both air and ground legs. In this scenario, the Earth Angel on Leg 2 would reach out to the passenger and the volunteer pilot on Leg 1 to set up details for ground transportation.


Helpful Suggestions:

  • We encourage Earth Angels to use to track the flight in real time. You can track the flight using the volunteer pilot's aircraft tail number or call sign. You can find this information (1) on the itinerary or (2)  you can also confirm the details with the volunteer pilot.
  • When communicating with your passenger or other volunteers, please consider sharing details about the make/model or color of your vehicle to make it easier to identify yourself on the field or at the FBO.
    • If you have your AFW badge and any other gear, we encourage you to wear that.
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