Login Issues - Helpful Tips and Tricks!


  1. Verify you are using your correct username.
  2. If you need to reset your password, use a different browser than your logged in session (eg. Firefox instead of Chrome) and copy/paste the reset link into that browser.


  • I’ve reset my password, but I still can’t login:
  • I’m logged in, but I’m stuck on the renewal screen
    • Scroll down and click save to continue.
  • I’ve tried to reset my password, but I never received the password reset email:
    • Call Angel Flight West to have the email address on file confirmed. If your email address is correct, they will help you reset the password.
  • I’ve tried to reset my password using the mobile app and it doesn’t work:
    • Reset your password on the website and then try to login to the app again.

Please call 310-390-2958 and ask for our Volunteer Manager if you need help.

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