Can I reach out to a past volunteer to ask them to fly or drive me again?

Please do not directly reach out to volunteers for assistance with your future trips. All trip requests and inquiries must be submitted to our office, and the coordinators will handle the follow-up with volunteers on your behalf.

Why does this policy exist?

It may put the volunteer in a difficult position to turn down a direct request from a passenger. We know that volunteers want to help, and it can be tough and awkward to say "no". Therefore, it is best for AFW to mediate these requests and offers so that both passengers and volunteers are served to the best of our ability. 

What if volunteers tell me it's OK to reach out to them directly?

Please ask the coordinators to reach out to the volunteers on your behalf. If volunteers are available to fly or drive, we will assign them the trips and send over the updated itinerary.


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