How to use the Passenger Portal

If you are a passenger with Angel Flight West who has one or more flights scheduled - or have received a flight already - you can access the Passenger Portal. This online tool can help you:

  • Request a flight*
  • Review multiple flights on your flight calendar
  • Check if a volunteer pilot or driver is assigned to your trips and get their contact information

*This current version cannot accept new routing. If you need to travel to a different destination, please call or email the coordination team.

If you prefer to request flights by calling or emailing the office, that is perfectly acceptable. We will not require you to use the Passenger Portal to request your flights. However, even if you don't request a flight through the Passenger Portal, you are still encouraged to log in to check for real-time updates on your requests.

Accessing the Passenger Portal

You can access the Passenger Portal with the two methods listed below. We emailed you a link to create your account (set your username and password). If you don't have that email, or need help resetting your log-in credentials or have any trouble logging into the portal, please call 310-390-2958 or email the office at 

  1. Click on the following link:
  2. Go to our main website and click on the mceclip1.png on the upper right hand corner.

Your Home Page

Here is a sample of what your Home Page will look like after log-in.



1. Your Menu Bar - You have 4 tools (see below)

  • Upcoming Flights: Click here to access your flight calendar to review all requests that the coordination staff is working to fulfill with volunteers.
  • Request a New Flight: Click here to request another flight.
  • Pending Requests: Click here to check if the coordination staff has processed your new flight request.
  • Log Out: Click here to leave the Passenger Portal.

2. Your Personal/Medical Information

  • You can review your personal/medical information saved in our record. If you need to share updated information, you can include the changes as part of your next trip request.

3. Your Itineraries

  • All new flight requests that have been processed by the coordination staff will appear in this section. You can review the trip dates, routing details, companion information, and volunteer contact and aircraft (if applicable) details.
    • For exact details on when and where to meet your volunteers, please reach out to them directly to set up the trip.

How to Request a New Flight

There are two methods you can use to request a new flight:

  1. On the menu bar, please click on mceclip0.pngto access the request page. This will allow you to select from multiple routings you have flown in the past.
  2. In "Your Itineraries", please click on mceclip1.png if you would like to request the same routing.

Either method will take you to the same request page. The information on the page asks for basic information about:

  • Trip Details
  • Companion information (if any)
  • Medical Release
  • Updates in personal or contact information
  • Baggage or medical/mobility equipment
  • Back-up Plan

Once you have provided all the information and updates requested, please click on the mceclip3.png button.

How to Cancel a Flight Request

You can cancel this request at any time prior to the coordination staff processing the request.

  • On the menu bar, please click on the mceclip4.png and locate the desired request. Select cancel.

Once a request has been processed by the coordination staff, you will need to contact the office to request cancellation.

Need Help?

Please be sure to reach out to the coordination staff for assistance. You can reach us at our office line 310-390-2958 or 


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