AFW Passenger FAQ's

 After I submit my request, how soon will a pilot be secured for my flight? 

Once all personal and flight details have been finalized, we will process your flight request. It will be posted to a private board for our voluneers to see when they log in to our secure system. As soon as we have a pilot sign up for your mission, we will send you, your requester if applicable, and your pilot an e-mail with the flight itinerary. This itinerary will include your pilot’s contact information, and you should expect to hear from him/her shortly after they have been assigned to discuss all flight related details. 

Unfortunately, we are unable to provide a definitive timeline as to when you will be notified that we have found you a volunteer pilot. In some instances, pilot assignment may occur as late as the day before your scheduled flight. Should you require a specific deadline in order to pivot to your backup plan, please inform the coordination team. We acknowlege this uncertainty may cause some anxiety, but we do our best to find you a pilot as soon as possible. 


This is my first time in a small aircraft, what can I expect? 

You will mostly be flying in a small, private aircraft that has 4-6 seats. In order to board the aircraft, you may have to step up onto a wing that is 16-20 inches above the ground, crouch slightly to fit through a small door, and then lower yourself into the back seat. If you or one of your companions cannot perform these movements, that person will not be able to fly with us.

Click here to access a video that will show you what it is like to travel in a general aviation aircraft. If you have any questions about the process, please call our office at 310-390-2958 and the coordination team would be happy to assist. 


What do I do if I need to make a change to my flight?

We understand plans can change, so please contact the office right away at (310) 390-2958 during regular business hours - 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM Pacific Time, Monday through Friday.

Please always inform us of all changes you need to make, such as adding or changing companions, travel dates and times, or origin and destination locations. Even minor changes can greatly impact the safety and success of our missions if we and the pilot are not aware of them.


How much baggage can I bring?

The flight will take place in a small, private aircraft with 4-6 seats, which has significantly limited space and weight capacity compared to larger commercial flights. Soft-sided baggage is preferable, as it accommodates better to the limited cargo space. Please restrict your luggage to the total weight that was discussed with a coordinatior during the intake process. If you need a reminder of the discussed weight, please give our office a call at 310-390-2958.

If you require additional equipment such as supplemental oxygen, a wheelchair, or a car seat, please inform us in advance.


Can I bring a companion with me?

Yes, you may travel with a companion. However, as weight is extremely critical on a small aircraft, staff must approve any companions travelling with you before the day of your flight. It is in your favor to bring only one companion, as many of our pilots cannot accommodate three or more passengers.

Please do not bring a companion without telling staff and your pilot in advance. This can lead to serious problems, and your pilot may not be able to accommodate the additional passenger.


May I bring supplemental oxygen on board? 

Yes, you may bring supplemental oxygen on board, but we need to be aware of this with as much advance notice as possible. We need to know the dimensions and total weight of the equipment. If you are traveling with a portable oxygen concentrator, please remember to bring a back-up battery.

Please note that the pilot cannot provide supplemental oxygen.


If you have any other questions, please reach out to the AFW coordination team at 310-390-2958 or at 




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