What is a multiple leg mission?

If a mission is over 300 miles, we will generally split it into a 2 or 3 leg relay. Depending on the speed of their aircraft, the majority of our pilots only fly shorter distances. This means for a one-way flight you will have 2 or 3 pilots that split the distance at designated handoff points. 

A 2 leg relay is typically between 4-6 hours and a 3 leg relay is typically between 6-8 hours. This does not include time changing planes on the ground.

If the mission is a short 2 leg relay, you may be able to fly in the morning of your appointment if you schedule it in the afternoon, and then fly home the following day. You can also fly in the day before your appointment if you schedule it for early morning the following day, and then fly home after the appointment. However, timing all depends on how long your appointment should last.

If the mission is a 3 leg relay, you will need a travel day on either side of your appointment. Keep in mind that a 3 leg relay means a long day of travelling and changing planes, and can be challenging for some passengers.

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