Waiver of Liability for Passengers

All passengers must submit a waiver of liability in order to receive transportation from our volunteers. This waiver is only collected the one time, and will apply towards all future flights that a passenger may request from us. This waiver is called the one-time waiver. On rare occasions, a volunteer may ask the passengers to sign and submit another copy of the waiver of liability plane-side or car-side prior to the start of the transportation.

Passengers should review both of the sample waivers attached to this article, but please do NOT use this sample to sign and submit their waiver.

Passengers will be emailed and/or texted an electronic version of the one-time waiver of liability to sign and submit to our organization. For more information on the electronic waiver of liability process, please read this article. If an electronic waiver of liability is not an option for the passenger, we can mail a hard copy of the one-time waiver of liability to the passenger's residence.

For the plane-side or car-side waiver of liability, the volunteer may have a hard copy or an electronic version of the waiver for the passengers to sign.

Please reach out to us at 310-390-2958 or coordination@angelflightwest.org if you have any questions.


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