COVID-19 Guidelines

Updated June 2021

Important Note: AFW is implementing many strategies to avoid exposure to COVID-19. However, please be aware that there is no guarantee that we can completely eliminate the risk. We understand if volunteers and passengers don't feel comfortable with these guidelines. We hope that you're available to volunteer or request our services in the future.

We encourage volunteers and passengers to discuss these guidelines to best prepare for upcoming missions.

Angel Flight West is following the latest CDC guidelines to protect our volunteers and passengers. See this CDC link for more information. 

  • For operational and privacy reasons, Angel Flight does not gather information on the vaccination status of passengers or volunteers. Many of our volunteers and passengers have been vaccinated against the COVID-19 virus.  However, we cannot guarantee that any party will have been vaccinated. Vaccination status is self-reported and optional between passenger and volunteer.  
  • Angel Flight has masking procedures in place per the CDC guidelines to help protect against virus spread.  However, if you feel that flying with a non-vaccinated person represents a significant risk you should consider this prior to requesting a flight. 
  • For masking requirements, please review the CDC recommendations
  • Mission Assistants can participate on missions under the same protocols.

Angel Flight West still asks our volunteers and passengers to observe the following guidelines that were created at the start of the pandemic.

  • Those who have any symptoms of COVID-19 or have been exposed to COVID-19 will not be able to fly. See this CDC link for more information.
  • On the day of the mission, all passengers and volunteers are encouraged to take their temperature before departure. Anyone who presents with a fever should not travel.
  • We also ask that physical distancing be observed whenever possible. Please click here for a resource on disinfecting aircraft or vehicle before and after transportation.
  • We also ask passengers to obtain permission from their volunteers prior to eating or drinking in the aircraft or car. 

Volunteers should reference this resource article submitted by our Safety Pilot Rich Pickett for more detailed suggestions and criteria.

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    Keith Mueller

    I see no reason not to ask a passenger if they’re willing to disclose their vaccination status voluntarily. Obviously they could lie, but the majority would probably tell the truth and would like to know if their pilots are vaccinated. Especially since many of the passengers are probably high risk. Having that info would certainly make some pilots more likely to volunteer for a flight. Vaccine mandates are becoming more widespread. I think AFW should consider that position, for the safety of all. This is not over yet. You would think after 4 cycles we would learn, but we’re following the same path over and over again, relaxing masking and other protocols too early that help get the pandemic under control. Crazy.

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