Photo Tips & Tricks

We strongly encourage you to take and send us photos from your missions. We regularly use photos in grant proposals and social media, so it's beneficial to us to have high quality photos on file.

Photo ideas

Be creative! The more variety, the better. While zoomed out photos of you and your passengers in front of your plane are always nice, we can do more with photos where faces are more visible. Close ups in front of your plane, close ups of your passengers inside your plane taken from outside the window, a young child sitting on the wing of your plane, passengers boarding your plane, etc. are just a few ideas.

COVID-19 masking policy

Please only send us photos of you and all passengers wearing masks. Any photos of unmasked individuals cannot be used for the foreseeable future.

Posting photos to social media

Always ask for your passengers' permission before posting mission photos of them to your own social media. While passengers may sign the photo release on the AFW Waiver of Liability, this does not always mean they are approving anyone other than AFW staff to post their photo online.

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