COVID-19 Risks and Prevention Resources

AFW’s mission continues to be delivering health and hope to those in need of donated transportation. We desire to accomplish that mission as effectively as possible with careful consideration. We ask each of our volunteers and patients to be aware of those risks, evaluate them with their families and loved ones, and if deciding to travel, employ all possible best practices to mitigate those risks. Please review the links below for more information about understanding of the risks to you and your family as well as best practices to mitigate this risk if/when you choose to volunteer during this time.

Please review COVID-19 Risks and Prevention Resources Below:

ASI Safety Notice: 2020-1; ATC Zero Events

Essential Service Designations By State

COVID-19 Effects on Volunteer Pilot Orgs

Frequently Check Symptoms

Protecting Against Spread of Virus

Cleaning and Disinfecting Surfaces

UW Medicine Coronavirus Info

CDC Coronavirus Resources

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