AFW New Text Feature

Dear AFW Command Pilots,

 We will be rolling out a new feature to streamline the coordination process. When we send multiple alerts, it’s sometimes difficult for us to know which mission leg you’re interested in. This will help us make sure to add you to the correct mission leg.

When you receive a text from AFW regarding a mission and you respond as prompted, your text will trigger an automated response text confirming that you’d like to fly the specified mission. You can confirm or deny with a simple “yes” or “no” response. 

With this response system, it’s helpful now if you reply "No" in response to a mission leg alert when you’re not able/interested. We’re trying to get smarter about our follow-up responses and this will help prevent future communication about the same mission leg.

The texting bot may ask you a couple more easily answered questions, and you can choose to be patched through to a coordinator at any point.

If it prompts you with the question, “which mission are you referring to,” you reply with the mission number (e.g. 234560-1), and a coordinator will assign you to the chosen mission. 


AFW Text Alert: The team needs your help for 214657-2 from Oakland (OAK) to Fresno (FAT) on Fri. (12/6). Please call (310) 390-2958 or Reply: YES to accept, NO to decline, or STOP to stop receiving texts.

Pilot: Yes

Automated Response: Are you responding to Mission # 12345-1? (Yes or No)

Pilot: Yes

Automated Response: You indicated that you can fly this mission, thanks! Your message is going to a coordinator and you will be notified if you are on the mission. Do you want to speak to a coordinator now by phone?

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