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Angel Flight West recently reviewed of some of our operations policies.  One of those items was the tracking and monitoring of the receipt of the Waivers of Liability for missions.  Following the review, the Board of Directors and our executive staff decided to implement a policy to monitor compliance with the Waiver submission. This policy will start on Monday, March 4th, 2019.

We’ve learned a lot working with the families involved in our recent accidents and you’ll continue to see us implement new ways to focus on safety. Additionally, we want to make sure our Waivers are signed to protect our volunteers and their families as well as Angel Flight West overall.  This will help to ensure we can keep donating our life changing flights to those who need us.

The Waiver of Liability is an important piece of the mission process and most importantly, protects the pilot, in addition to the organization. Pilots may have received an earlier communication regarding this policy and we’d like to offer some further background.

Approximately one year ago, AFW made it a requirement for Command Pilots to sign the Waiver of Liability planeside along with the passenger(s).  The pilot’s signature indicates they are in agreement with the provisions of the Pilot Affirmation.  The passenger’s signature, their companion’s signature and the signature of any Mission Assistant who is not an AFW member, will help protect the pilot and the organization in the event of an accident or incident. 

Following is the process Angel Flight West has instituted for monitoring compliance of the signing of Liability Waivers. An automated process in AFIDS/VPOIDS will keep track of Waivers received.  Staff will use that system to implement the following actions:

  • The first failure to submit a Waiver will result in a warning email to the pilot from Angel Flight West.
  • A second failure will result in a warning email to the pilot and a phone call from management staff. 
  • Any pilot who fails to submit a signed Liability Waiver three times will face suspension of Angel Flight West Command Pilot privileges.   

We understand there may be circumstances explaining why a Waiver wasn't received by the organization. An AFW staff person will be available to discuss any concerns a pilot may have.

Our appreciation of what our volunteer pilots do for Angel Flight West is immeasurable and we value their compassionate generosity.  To ensure that everyone is protected, we want to make sure all pilots are completing the Liability Waiver for every mission. We prefer the use of the E-Waiver whenever possible, but they should always carry a paper Waiver as a back-up. Please add this as a checklist item to your preflight routine.

Again, thank you for all you do!  If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us.

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