Mission Leg Feedback

When the coordination team needs to fill a mission, they will often send a specific email about the mission to a targeted list of Command Pilots or Earth Angels based on the efficiency of that leg.

We have recently added a feedback mechanism in these emails. You'll see a set of links under each mission leg listed as shown in the example below.

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Simply click the link to register your feedback accordingly.

  • I'm considering it indicates that you may be willing to fly/drive.
  • Weather indicates that weather may be a problem
  • Too long indicates that the distance is longer than you want to fly.
  • Too short indicates that the distance is shorter than you want to fly.
  • Too heavy indicates that the total mission weight exceeds your capacity.
  • Too many people indicates that the mission has too many people for your aircraft.
  • Problem routing indicates that the routing is not appropriate for your aircraft or to your liking, for example, over water or mountains.
  • Too many stops indicates that the mission would require too many stops for you.
  • Doesn't fit my schedule indicates that you are not available.
  • Don't like the passenger indicates that you have flown the passenger before and did not have a good experience.
  • Runway length indicates that the runway is too short for your aircraft.
  • Don't like the airport indicates that there is some other aspect of the airport that is not to your liking, e.g. high fuel cost, lack of fuel, busy airspace, etc.

The coordination team will use this feedback to determine the feasibility of filling the mission and inform the passenger accordingly. For example, by letting us know that weather is a possible issue, we can proactively give the passenger the opportunity to exercise a backup plan. Proactive notice like this makes for a much better experience for the passenger, so it's very helpful.


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