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Angel Flight West volunteers can participate in discussion threads regarding an itinerary. This provides a communication channel between volunteers who are interested in or involved with the itinerary.

Comments in these threads do not constitute a request to fly/drive a mission. If you want to request the mission leg as a driver or pilot, please click the "Request this Mission" button and make a request.

Available Missions

The discussion thread can be used in a variety of ways, for example:

  • The mission has two legs and you are interested in flying both
  • You are interested in driving the Earth Angel leg, and want to find out the specifics of the timing
  • You could fly the mission if the timing was altered, or the airport could be changed, a companion dropped, etc.
  • The mission has multiple legs, and you wish to discuss timing or routing with a pilot who has signed up for one of the other legs
  • You may wish to fly the outbound, wait for the passenger, and then fly the return
  • Although you can fly the flight, you're concerned about weather and would like to see if a pilot with a more weather capable airplane can take the flight
  • You wish to recommend an FBO because of favorable treatment for Angel Flights or fuel discounts.

If you are interested in a flight, and have comments, questions or conditions or constraints you'd like to add, we encourage you to do so.

In the missions available list, click the "View Discussion Thread" button.


This brings up the view of the discussion thread:


Scroll down to see all the previous comments. Comments are shown with the most recent first. These comments also include any notes made by the Coordination team.

Add your comment in the text field at the top and click submit to save it.

The Coordinators do not monitor conversations between volunteers. If you wish to specifically alert the Coordination team about a comment, or draw their attention to a question or comment, you can check the box labeled, "Alert Coordinators." You may want to alert the coordinators if a question has come up that requires their response.


The discussion thread may include conversation about any one of the missions or legs of the itinerary, including both the outbound or the return. These may or may not be relevant to the leg you're interested in. Please be specific about the leg you're referring to when entering a comment or question.

The mission coordinators will ordinarily not be reading conversations between volunteers.

Once you contribute to a discussion, you are added to that thread. You will receive an email with updates to the thread, and can add to the thread by replying to the email. The thread and the emails will end when the pilot has been assigned.


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