Changes to the Waiver of Liability and Pilot Affirmation Processes

This article provides instructions on the new Waiver of Liability and Pilot Affirmation processes effective April 15, 2017.

There is a new process to the Pilot Affirmation form and the Waiver of Liability form that affects all Command Pilots. As before, every Command Pilot must still sign the Pilot Affirmation as part of the orientation. Additionally, the Command Pilot will now reaffirm when he requests a flight online, as well as on the Waiver of Liability.

The reaffirmation is incorporated into the Waiver of Liability. The Waiver of Liability must be signed by the Command Pilot before each mission (this includes patient flown missions, blood missions, camps, etc.). The reaffirmation is an acknowledgement that you still meet AFW's criteria as specified in the Pilot Affirmation.

This means that going forward, the passengers, companions, mission assistants and the Command Pilot must all sign the waiver at plane side.

Previously, the passengers may have signed the waiver proactively prior to the flight. Going forward, everyone must sign the waiver at the time of the flight.

Having the Command Pilot reaffirm immediately before he or she flies a mission may enhance the safety of the flight. This allows the Command Pilot to review AFW criteria in real time, urging him or her to honestly consider how prepared he or she is to make the flight safe. The hope is that by having the Command Pilot rethink all the aspects of his or her readiness to fly a mission, just before flying a mission, a better determination may be made as to whether he or she feels prepared or not to act as Command Pilot.

If you as the Command Pilot feel that you are not in compliance with all the requirements stated in the affirmation, you should cancel the flight. AFW will always support and respect the decisions of the Command Pilot when they are made to ensure safety. The Command Pilot should never feel obliged or pressured to fly a mission, even if that means declining to fly at the last minute. As AFW is a non-emergency service, any decision made by the Command Pilot will not mean serious consequences for the passenger. All passengers are briefed on the need for a back-up plan for this reason.

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