When requesting a mission in VPOIDS, how do I add a Mission Assistant if I know I’ll be bringing one?

When you request a mission in VPOIDS, you can add a comment to your request in the comment box (character limit is 200) just above the Request Mission button. Please write the full name of the Mission Assistant you will be bringing so we can add him onto the itinerary if we assign you the mission. Currently, there is not a way for you to do this yourself in VPOIDS.

Keep in mind we can only “officially” add a Mission Assistant onto the itinerary if he is an Angel Flight West member. However, you are allowed to bring any additional passengers you wish, as long as they sign the Waiver of Liability. AFW members do not need to sign the Waiver of Liability.

Click here to learn how to add a Mission Assistant to an itinerary after you've been assigned a mission.

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