How do I file the waiver of liability on a mobile device?

You can access the waiver from the e-mail with the itinerary form. Click this link to bring up the waiver with specific information about your flight. The waiver will already have the passenger, companion(s), and anyone else attached to the mission. Note that if this is a multi-leg mission, you should be sure to select the correct leg for your flight.

You can also access the waiver from the "Your Mission Today" e-mail; this will be sent to you on the morning of your mission.

Please also note that due to internet connectivity issues on mobile devices, especially at remote airports, the electronic waiver may not always be available. After submitting the waiver, make sure that the "Thank You" screen appears. If it doesn't, you should assume that the waiver has not been filed. You should also receive an e-mail within 5 minutes with a facsimile receipt of the waiver for your records. If you don't receive this e-mail, this is another indication that the waiver was not saved. You can try again, or have the passengers sign a paper form. Please always have paper copies available in case this happens.


For more detail on the waiver submission process, please review the video below.

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