Important Changes to the Liability Waiver and Volunteer Renewal Processes

Dear Angel Flight West Volunteers,

We love you! Thank you for giving our passengers hope every day through your gifts of time, treasure, and talent. And thank you for your invaluable feedback on opportunities for enhanced safety and improved efficiency! We listen and encourage this type of collaborative community.

Thanks to your feedback, AFW will implement two major changes to our liability waiver process and our volunteer renewal process. These changes came about after extensive discussion with our volunteers, board and staff. Please review the important information below regarding the changes.

Changes to the Liability Waiver Process

AFW will no longer require waivers to be signed plane-side or car-side for each mission. Instead, the Mission Operations Team will collect a one-time waiver from all passengers and their companions. The one-time waiver is collected as part of the clearance process for all missions and will apply towards all future missions for each passenger and their companions.  These waivers will be accessible on “My Flights” in VPOIDS.

    • Exception 1: You must collect a mission liability waiver for any unlisted companions in your itinerary.
    • Exception 2: If you desire to collect a mission liability waiver for your records, you can still request all parties to sign the waiver plane-side or car-side prior to departure.

Important Note: Due to our updated waiver policy, only AFW Volunteers will be able to participate as Mission Assistants as this eliminates the need to collect a plane-side or car-side mission liability waiver from Mission Assistants. We encourage you to continue to bring your family members and friends as Mission Assistants, but we require that they take a few minutes to sign-up as an AFW Volunteer at our website prior to the trip.

Please click here for more details on the Waiver Exceptions and Mission Assistant Policy.

Changes to the Volunteer Renewal Process

You are now required to renew your volunteer status and sign the volunteer affirmation annually. Therefore, AFW Volunteers (Command Pilots, Earth Angels, Mission Assistants) are no longer required to sign the affirmation in the waiver for each mission.

We hope these changes will make your mission flying and driving easier by removing one item from your pre-flight/pre-drive check-list so that you can focus on the mission at hand. We’re here to help you with any questions or concerns. You can call us at 310-390-2958 (Monday - Friday, 8:30 AM - 4:30 PM PST) or email us at

Thank you for your big heart for our mission!

Josh Olson

Executive Director, AFW

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