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VPOIDS Login Trouble: How can I troubleshoot login issues?

If you’re having any trouble logging into VPOIDS, please check out these articles for help:

VPOIDS Login Troubleshooting:

Using the Quick Login Feature:


Airport/Date/Timing Flexibility: Can I change mission details? 

Yes - please consult with the coordination staff on any missions you may be interested in. You can always ask to change origin, destination, or hand-off airports to an alternative that is reasonably close. You can also select your FBO preference at any given airport. Additionally, you can check on mission date and timing flexibility. We can’t promise that it’s always possible, but we can try to accommodate. 


Weather Uncertainty: Should I sign up to fly?

Yes! We always encourage pilots to sign up in advance. Mission Ops makes sure passengers have a back-up plan in place or the ability to reschedule, and in some cases, the coordination team arranges a back-up plan for the passenger. We only ask that you keep us in the loop about evolving weather conditions as the date approaches. 


NGF Call Sign: What is it and how do I use it?

We have a fantastic article all about the NGF call sign here:


Waiver of Liability & Medical Release: What are these and do I have to do anything?

You are not required to get a waiver signed plane-side. We collect a one-time waiver of liability electronically signed and attached to every passenger record before the first mission takes place. You can access that record when you are assigned a mission and are logged into VPOIDS.

We also secure a signed medical release form from a patient’s medical provider confirming the patient is medically stable and safe to fly in a non-pressurized aircraft. We get a new copy signed annually.   


Are there any other tools I should be aware of? 

The Flight Risk Assessment Tool (FRAT) is a tool to help you as the Command Pilot of an Angel Flight evaluate the risk factors of a particular flight. It is available on the AFW mobile app.

Check out this helpful article:


Communication SOP’s: How should I communicate with my passenger & AFW staff? 

We ask that once you sign up and are accepted for an AFW mission, you reach out to the passenger to introduce yourself, give a brief explanation about what they can expect, confirm weight/baggage information, and pass along specific logistical details (where and when to meet). If you have any trouble reaching the passenger at all, please let the Coordination Team know, and we’ll explore all avenues to make sure the passenger gets in contact with you. 

If you need to make any changes or cancellations to a mission, please reach out to the Angel Flight West Mission Ops Team at (310) 390-2958 or e-mail us at If it’s a time sensitive change/cancellation, please call our office line (310) 390-2958 or call our after-hours number (800) 413-1360 to reach the on-call coordinator. 

Answering Service: If it’s after normal business hours or on the weekend and you must change or cancel a mission happening the next business day, you can reach an on-call coordinator by dialing the answering service line: (800) 413-1360


Volunteer Discussion Thread: What is it and how do I use it?

Once you’re added to a mission, you’ll be automatically CC’d onto the volunteer discussion thread. This is an e-mail thread that links all volunteers (outbound & return) and the AFW Coordination Staff in one place. The Ops team checks this thread daily and can receive and deliver updates in this thread. This thread is also a great place to coordinate relay flights when there is more than one pilot involved or to coordinate ground missions with Earth Angels. 

This article is a more in-depth look at the discussion thread and its potential uses:


Is there a fuel discount or reimbursement program?

Many FBOs offer fuel discounts and/or waive ramp fees for AFW pilots. The discount offer can vary by location and is influenced by current fuel prices and FBO management. Please ask when you arrive at the FBO if they offer a fuel discount or waive ramp fees, and, if required by the FBO, be prepared to show your flight itinerary as confirmation that you are on a mission.

Phillips 66® Aviation is committed to supporting pilots that volunteer their time and aircraft to provide free air transportation for those who would not be able to get from where they are to where they need for compelling reasons. As a supporter of these pilots and the non-profit organizations that arrange the flights, Phillips 66® has agreed to provide Angel Flight West Pilots a $1-per-gallon avgas rebate.

More details about this program here:



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